How to Buy

The purchasing process at is very simple. Just follow these steps:

  • View product (s) that interest you. With a click you can zoom in on the photo to see every detail, composition, available sizes, and price.
  • Select a garment and add the item to the basket. Then you can choose if you want to continue shopping or send the order.
  • If you want to continue shopping, repeat the process. Otherwise, if you want to send the order, you can continue either by creating an online account or by making a quick order as a visitor.
  • Choose a form of payment.
  • Confirm the order.
  • You will receive an email confirming your order.


Which payment method can I use to make my purchase?

We have the following payment methods: Visa, Visa electron, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal and Gift Card.

Why can my credit card decline?

Your card may be declined for one of the following reasons:

  • The card may have expired. Please check that your card has not expired.
  • Make sure you have not exceeded your credit card limit.
  • You may have entered an incorrect item. Make sure you’ve filled in all the required fields correctly.

Is my credit card safe on the site?

Yes, the data is transferred with SSL encryption. For credit and debit card payments, the Card Verification Value (CVV) code, a code printed on the card used as a security method in e-commerce transactions, must be entered.

Sending Information

1) What is the order sending process?

Regenere assures you the best quality and time to transport the products to their destination, knowing that it is very important for its customers to receive the best quality products and the timeframes they expect.

The goods are transported by Geniki Taxydromiki.

our order is delivered in Greece in 2 to 3 business days, while delivery in Cyprus is in two ways, either in 3 to 4 working days or in 11 to 12 working days, in each way the amount of the billing differs. see below.
Any orders placed on Friday (Greece time) and throughout the weekend will be sent on Monday.

When the merchandise arrives at its pickup address, you will be asked for a signature to be delivered.

We would like to inform you that for the best possible service, if you are a worker and you do not have someone to pick up the product in your home, we recommend that you indicate your work address as the place of delivery, as the goods can be delivered by 09:00 until 18:00, hours that you will probably be absent from your home.

2) What is the shipping cost?

The cost of shipping our products to Greece and abroad is:

For purchases up to EUR 75, the transport cost is EUR 4. For purchases over EUR 75, freight is FREE.

Shipping time: 3-4 days
Shipping Company: Geniki Postal


Standard Delivery: 7 euro
Delivery time: 11 to 12 business days
Express Saver Delivery: 11 euro
Delivery time: 3 to 4 working days
Transport company: Generaliki Postal

3) VAT is included in the price?

The VAT of products is included in the price quoted.

Note: We must point out that the distribution of the commodity to the workplace is done at the place and not in the person. We therefore consider it important to have a person trust, if not the customer himself, to pick up the product.

Returns and Changes

1) What is return policy?

You can return a product within 10 days of the date of receipt. A Replace *. We will do our best to replace you with the product you returned or your product will be judged defective (the same code, resizable or colorable), or the wrong code was sent or the size is not right for you. For your best possible service, we suggest that you provide us with a replacement within 24 hours of the date of receipt. During rebates the changes are made at current prices.

* Note : If it is not possible to replace due to unavailability of the product you want, you can choose another product.

All returned products must be in their original quality and not removed from these cards. We emphasize that you can not return swimsuits, leggings, pantyhose, bodices and earrings for hygienic purposes if their packaging has been opened.

All products returned to Regenere warehouses are undergoing a thorough inspection.

The responsibility for returning the products to Regenere warehouses is solely the responsibility of the customer. That’s why you have to take care of the product being well packed on its return.

Products to be returned are sent exclusively to the following address:

Miaoulis 6-8, Voula 16673
Phone: +30 6951800191

2) What is the return process for a product?

From the date of receipt of the product you have 10 days to decide whether to return it. In the event of a refund of the entire order or part thereof, it is advisable to contact us by email or in the chat room.

As soon as the merchandise leaves you, Regenere will pick it up within 1-2 business days if it’s a refund from Greece and via the General Post Office or within 3-5 business days if it’s a refund from Cyprus. If you choose other carriers, we do not guarantee the delivery times of the products you are returning. Once we have received the product, we will process your request immediately and we will notify you by e-mail about its processing.

Note: All products must be returned to their original quality and with the tabs on them. In the event that a product defect is found to be unexpected in our quality control, Customer Service will contact you for the procedure to be followed.
Note: We would like to remind you that return costs are solely for the customer.

Let us know that there is no refund.

General Information

What should I do if I receive a defective product? only sells products in perfect condition, so if you exceptionally receive a garment with a defect, please contact our customer service department via the chat room or by sending us an e-mail.
What should I do if I get a wrong product?

In case you accidentally receive a product that you have not ordered, please contact us through the chat room or by sending us an e-mail!

The use of the electronic pages and services by the visitor / user requires their unconditional agreement with the terms listed therein.


In order for any transaction to take place via Regenere’s e-shop and to make product orders for the company, it will be required to disclose some personal information on the part of the customer. When the order is made, the full name, shipping address, billing address of the order (if different from the shipping address) will be requested, the number of a contact telephone, your e-mail address, .

This data is processed by the Company in accordance with the application of Article 7A, paragraph 1 (b) of Law 2472/1997, in order to implement the order given by the customer and in no way will it be disclosed, disclosed or sold to third parties (Law 2225/1994) or any obligations arising from the national implementation of Directive 24/2006.
Your credit card details are posted directly to the bank’s secure environment and our company does not maintain or know any of your credit card details.