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With the first hearing of the word “regenere”, our mind runs back in the historical period, which has been a bridge between the Middle Ages and modern Europe, creating the Renaissance.

Regenere was created in November 2016 by the stylist – image maker Mathioudi Mirka, having as only waepons her knowledge and her love for fashion. A page full of love for style and woman.Women, through regeneremoda and imagination, create with the team’s help their own style.

Through the internet, we are able to present the new trends in women’s clothing with the lowest prices, the hottest designs and the best quality. Follow our steps and let’s travel to the magical world of fashion and add to your everyday life #regeday.

Love, support, philosophy and power of the woman are some of the motivations on which the stylist Mirka Mathioudi chose to put her own touch. Through regeneremoda all types of women with love for fashion are supported. With the styling tips of regeneremoda team, the ice of everyday life breaks. The company’s plans are combined with smart tips. With your help and your questions we will create the best outif !!

Our Vision

By taking care of the female sex, the central goal of regeneremoda team is to make it easier for a modern working woman, mother and student to find the latest fashion trends in the fastest way. With the help of the internet and the unique way of presenting women’s branded clothing, each one can choose its own outfit. Questions and concerns regarding fashion and style will be solved together with the image maker Mirka Mathioudi who will provide us with many smart stylish and beauty tips. Everyday articles and photos from favorite fashion bloggers will be published with their own advice and many more.

The main aim of the company is the promotion of the modern woman.
Come along with us to discover the world of fashion and style, with plenty of love and imagination …

Yours sincerely, Regeneremoda team

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